Setsuko Kurokawa

A bulette musician and DJ with dreams bigger than herself.


Setsuko is kind of an unexperienced fighter and less than ideal grades, but what she lacks in combat and scholar development she makes up for in social skills, knowledge of the magical world and an impressive list of contacts. She knows some english, but she’s still somewhat limited in her interactions with the language. Her weapon of choice is a Dragonslayer™, which is a guitar that, on command, can be magically transformed into a waraxe. Her abilities with this weapon are a little bit underdeveloped, but it still holds an extreme sentimental value to her.


A young, ambitious Bulette girl who wants to become a great musician and DJ. She’s pretty rebelious, specially towards her father, who’s very restrictive, but also has amazing initiative and leadership. She spend much of her childhood training with her father and some friends of him on the usage of two-handed weapons and general combat and magic usage. She’s also determined on her music career, but tends to work and practice on it discreetly from her parent, since he believes her future lies instead on a full-time job with the Black Robe Bureau. Her father’s rank allowed her to be accepted into Iwatana’s Night class. She currently owns a SoundCloud page with only 3 songs, and a Tumblr with around 100 followers.

Setsuko Kurokawa

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